Articles (Published/Forthcoming Accepted)

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Special Journal Issue

Special Issue on “Militias in Civil Wars” (co-editor, with Corinna Jentzsch and Stathis N. Kalyvas), Journal of Conflict Resolution, 2015, 59(5).

Book Chapters

Schubiger, Livia and David Sulmont. “Civil Wars and their Consequences: The Peruvian Armed Conflict in Comparative Perspective.” In: Soifer, H. D., & Vergara, A. (eds.). Politics After Violence: Legacies of the Shining Path Conflict in Peru. Austin, TX: University of Texas Press. 2019.

Book Project

“State Violence and Wartime Collective Action” (proposal accepted; manuscript in progress).

Selected Research in Progress

De Bruin, Erica, Gabby Levy, Livia Schubiger and Michael Weintraub. “Armed Group Governance and Legitimacy Under Competition.” Under Review.

Dill, Janina, Emily Myers and Livia Schubiger. “The Consent of the Intervened: Moral Intuitions About Other-Defense and U.S. Support for Military Intervention Abroad.” Working Paper.

Osorio, Javier, Livia Schubiger and Michael Weintraub. “Vigiliante Mobilization and Local Order: Evidence from Mexico.” Winner of the MPSA Best Paper by Emerging Scholar(s) Award. Working Paper.

Hug, Simon and Livia Schubiger. “Civilian Victimization and Forced Recruitment.” Working Paper.

Field, Erica, Ursula Aldana, Javier Romero Haaker and Livia Schubiger. “Training Local Leaders to Prevent and Reduce Gender-Based Violence Against Women: Experimental Evidence from Peru.” Research in Progress.

De Marchi, Scott, Spencer Dorsey, Emily Myers and Livia Schubiger. “Mobilization for Equality: Norm Change and Backlash.” Research in Progress.

Dow, David, Diego Romero and Livia Schubiger. “More than Words? The Politics of Reducing Gender-Based Violence.” Research in Progress.

De Bruin, Erica, Gabby Levy and Livia Schubiger “Attitudes Toward Protests and State Repression.” Research in Progress.

Huff, Connor, Emily Myers and Livia Schubiger. “Civil War Violence and Desertion.” Working Paper.